Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angel of the Morning - Kaipuu

Pepe Willberg (see earlier entry)  recorded "Kaipuu" (Yearning) for his first solo single in 1968 and had a modest hit with it. The Finnish lyrics were done by Pertsa Reponen. Another fine version (non-hit) of the song was done by Katri Helena in 1971. There are dozens of different Finnish songs with the title "Kaipuu". This only shows how we Finns like always to yearn for something. The original song, "Angel of the Morning", was written by American songwriter Chip Taylor (brother of actor Jon Voight and uncle of actress Angelina Jolie). It was originally offered to Connie Francis to sing, but she thought that it was too risqué for her. Taylor then produced a recording of the song with singer, songwriter and guitarist Evie Sands  in 1967. Despite the single being one of the most-requested radio songs wherever played, the financial troubles of the record company prevented its release and distribution at the time. It finally became a hit in 1968 via a recording by Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts. The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 7.

Here's the bunch:

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Eskon Masan versio, vuodelta 1993, toimii hyvin myös. Listattuna täältä löytyvään Veikko Samulin diskografiaan niin ikään: .