Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Le Rossignol Anglais - On jo yö

Hortto Kaalo was once the most popular vocal group in Finland, and it specialized in Romany Music. They released their first single "Miksi ovet ei aukene meille" in 1970. It was an instant hit. Their first two albums went gold. This "On jo yö" (It's already night) was the B-side to their another hit "Ei kenenkään lähimmäinen" in 1971. The original song "Le Rossignol Anglais" (English nightingale) was a big hit in French-speaking countries in 1964 for French singer and guitarist Hugues Aufray. The troubadour Hugues wrote his own music (including this finnpick), but also covered in French several Bob Dylan songs. In 1964 Aufray represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest placing 4th with his song "Dès que le printemps revient".

Here's the pair:

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