Monday, May 11, 2009

Jack In The Box - Vieterinukke

In the year 1971 ESC was held in Dublin. The UK entry was "Jack In The Box" performed by Clodagh Rodgers. The song got 98 points and placed 4th. Finland's entry, performed by Markku Aro & Koivistolaiset placed 8th. Clodagh was a singer, actress and TV star from Northern Ireland. As it happens, she received death threats from the IRA as a result of her representing the UK. The single reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart, her third and last UK Top 10 success. The Finnish version of "Jack In The Box" was recorded by Eija Merilä (see previous entry) and it was called "Vieterinukke" (Jack in the Box). I don't remember it getting much airplay at the time, and it sunk without a trace. But it is a good cover, anyway ...

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