Friday, May 8, 2009

If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind - Kukat kauniit aamuin

Sammy Babitzin (b. Aleksandr Babitzin) was the older brother of Kirka Babitzin (see previous entry). He was on his way on to become as big a pop star as his little brother when a fatal traffic accident took his life in 1973. Sammy recorded "Kukat kauniit aamuin sulle toisin" (I'd bring to you beautiful flowers in the mornings). It wasn't much of a hit but the performance and interpretation stand out still today. At the time Sammy didn't yet have his breakthrough that became in 1972 when he won big Television song contest. The original song was performed by famous British singer Cilla Black (b. Priscilla White) who recorded it in 1969 reaching number 20 in the UK charts. It was produced by one George Martin. In 2004 Agnetha Fältskog made a very succesful version of this beautiful song.

Updated on 5.9.2009: added Blond's version (or original, if you wish).

Here's the triplet:


Tom K said...

I just discovered this blog, the Finnish language is amazing, and the range of material covered is also quite amazing. I guess it's a lot to ask, but is there any possibility of posting the full Finnish lyrics of the songs, and if possible, English translations?

Anyway, about the song in particular, I think because of the title, arrangement, and male vocal, this is actually based on the original version of the song by Swedish group Blond (formerly known as beat-band Tages) when it was titled Flowers In The Morning. Anyway, thank you!

DM said...

Quite few Finnish lyrics in the net. And even fewer English translations of those. But I try to keep this in mind and publish a link to the lyrics page if I can find one.

Interesting piece of information on this "Flowers In The Morning". It seems actually been titled "I Will Bring You Flowers In The Morning", and it was on the 1969 album "Lilac Years". I haven't heard the song, but if this is the same as "I I Thought ..." then it's not the original version, but Sammy's version might of course based on the Blond's version.

Tom K said...

Yes, it is definitely the same song. I believe the name change to Blond was an attempt at international success, and the album was released in the UK and US, but flopped... Thanks for the reply :)

Blondie said...

The Blond Version was First. The composer was working on the Blond album and they recorded it as " Flowers In The Morning". Then the composer worked with Cilla and they re-recorded it with a different name.

DM said...

I have now added Blond's original(?) here. Than you for your comments on this.