Monday, April 6, 2009

Let the Heartaches Begin - Olen yksin

"Olen yksin" (I'm alone) was released on the B-side of Eero Raittinen's 'Uhkapeluri' -single (see previous entry) in the beginning of 1969. This bluesy pop song is custom-made for Eero's kind of voice and interpretation. The original song was called "Let the Heartaches Begin" and it was big hit for UK singer Long John Baldry (real name John William Baldry). The song was written by Pye Records producer/songwriter Tony Macaulay in collaboration with John Macleod. These guys wrote also the majority of the hits of the Foundations. Long John was a blues singer, who worked with several British blues and r&b -groups in the 60's. In 1966 he formed a group called Bluesology featuring one Reg Dwight on keyboards and Elton Dean as saxophonist. Dwight later adopted the name Elton John, his first name from Dean and his surname from Baldry. In 1967 Long John recorded this "Let the Heartaches Begin" that went all the way to number one in Britain.

Here's the pair:

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