Monday, March 2, 2009

How do you do - Vai niin vai niin

Danny and Eija Merilä (see previous entry) joined forces in recording one single track in 1972. It was called "Vai niin vai niin" (Oh really, oh really) and was put in the B-side of Danny's single 'Maantieltä taloon' (see previous entry). The original song "How do you do" was a big Euro-hit for Dutch duo Mouth & McNeal. They were formed in 1971 when record producer Hans van Hemert brought together Mouth (b. Willem Duyn) and Maggie MacNeal (b. Sjoukje van't Spijker). Mouth had previously sung in a number of 1960s bands and MacNeal had had an unsuccessful career as a solo artist. The launched a succesful - but short - career and one their biggest hits was "How Do You Do" penned by producer van Hemert. In 1974 Mouth & MacNeal represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest placing third.

Here's the pair:

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