Friday, July 11, 2008

You've Got What I Like - Se jokin sinulla on

When Finnish tabloid newspaper ILTALEHTI recently organized a public vote for most popular love songs of all time, this song came 10th. "Se jokin sinulla on" (You've got that something special) by Ronny & The Loafers. The song was published in 1964 and remains as the only record the group ever made. So truly it is a one-hit-wonder. The song has that something special in it - as the title suggests - and has won the hearts of newer generations, too. Sadly, Ronny (real name Aatos Bolström) died in traffic accident couple years after the song came out. The original song was a b-side of Gerry & The Pacemakers' 4th single 'I'm the One' in 1964, and was called "You've Got What I Like". It is hard to understand why this little masterpiece has been largely forgotten worldwide. But luckily we Finns have picked it up, and made it a part of our pop music history.

Here's the pair:

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